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GRAND ENTRANCE– Dramatic Intro for distinguished guest or Mtzvah child

JELLYBEAN PASS – Pass jellybeans using plastic spoons

FIRE IN THE HOLE – Great pool party game – Try to fill a bucket full of holes

THE STRING INCIDENT – Teams pass a 10’ string thru each other’s shirt

HOT NEW DANCES – Wobble, Gangnam Style, Crank Dat and Cupid Shuffle.

HUGGING GAME – Who’s the best hugger?

PARTY POKER – Guests receive a playing card and various “hands” are called out. Great mixer!

ANNIVERSARY RECOGNITION DANCE – fun activity that recognizes how long couples have been married with several slow dance songs, a special prize for the winner

ANNIVERSARY WALTZ – classic anniversary dance

blow up bandBLOW UP BAND – outfit an entire band (keyboards, drum sticks, sax, guitars, & a mic for the lead singer), to be in the band you must answer a TV theme sound bite, once in the band you have to audition by playing your instrument with prerecorded solos. If you pass the audition, by crowd applause, we go into Old Time R&R by Bob Seger, with lights, fog, crowd participation & more solos. A CROWD FAVORITE!!

FAST AS YOU – Electric Slide, country style

BEER BARREL POLKA – traditional Polka dance

ROCKY TOP – traditional country song or NEW techno version!

BIRTHDAY MONTAGE – a montage of funny “drops” with Happy Birthday & Birthday by the Beatles thrown in for good measure. Blow up birthday cake for recipient. A must for birthdays!

JUKEBOX ROULETTE – “Cake walk” type game with songs with colors in the titles

BIRTHDAY LINE UP – Corporate team builder. 2 groups line up by birthday from earliest to latest in the year without using words. More often than not the groups fail to line up correctly.

BUNNY HOP – classic 50’s party dance

CHICKEN DANCE – fun for groups with all ages

CHUBBY BUNNY – a fun way to find out whom at your party has the biggest mouth

COKE , PEPSI, 7UP, HIP HOP HOORAY – interactive game for kids

conga lineCONGA/HOT HOT HOT – leader of this dance gets to wear colorful conga drum sleeves, sombrero, and conga drum to lead your guests in this traditional and fun dance to a medley of conga drum song classics

COTTON-EYED JOE – REDNEX – a fast moving circle dance

BUTTERFLY KISSES – father & daughter dance

ELECTRIC BOOGIE by Marcia Griffith – Electric Slide traditional

FROZEN T-SHIRTS – Ever try to put on a frozen T-shirt?

GETTING TO KNOW YOU – excellent corporate party icebreaker. All guests receive Hawaiian Lei as they walk in. During first hour of cocktails, anyone who says “NO” or “KNOW” must give up their Lei. The first person with the most Leis at the end of the hour is the winner.

FUNKY ELECTRIC SLIDE – the original version. Can also do it to Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye.

GREASED WATERMELON – (Pool or Picnic Party game) ever try to handoff a watermelon greased with shaving cream

HUMAN PUZZLE –  partners rope trick, can you solve it?

HAPPY COUPLES – a gender reversal for adults only

HAVA NAGILA – lets bring out the chairs

HOKEY POKEY – classic dance for a party with all ages

HULA-HOOPS – who can spin the hula hoop the longest?

DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN – relay race with hula-hoops

SONY DSCMUSICAL HULA-HOOPS – Like musical chairs only with hula hoops

HUSTLE – classic disco dance

ITALIAN CHICKEN DANCE – traditional chicken dance at different speeds

LIMBO – classic party game that can be embellished with hats, maracas, & a flashy limbo pole

SCRIPT O H I O – “Buckeye Fan” leads the guests in a script OHIO complete with Buckeye hat and blow up banana (it’s a TBDBITL thing) followed by Hang On Sloopy

LOVE SONG – Great icebreaker! Individual tables must sing a song with the word love in it to get the bride and groom to kiss. This is a great substitution for the clinking of the glasses.

MACARENA – still great for young kids and those fun loving aunts or relatives!

MUMmummy wrapMY WRAP – 4 team leaders, rolls of toilet paper, first team to completely wrap their team leader wins or for partners, best wrapped mummy wins

BUILD A SNOWMAN – like the mummy wrap only you add a carrot for the nose and decorate with eyes and branches or broomstick, best snowman wins

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – a great kickoff dance or to end the evening at your wedding or anniversary

SCAVENGER HUNT/MUSICAL CHAIRS – Great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Combination scavenger hunt & musical chairs where the contestants stay in if they find the designated item before the others

SHOUT – We will MC Shout with a very special surprise in the middle guaranteed to give an energy boost unlike any version of shout you’ve heard before

SNOWBALL or MULTIPLICATION DANCE – most popular with kids & school parties we usually use it as an icebreaking dance

SOUL TRAIN LINE – as seen on the TV show of the same name where 2 lines are formed and partners or individuals dance, with their creative moves, between the 2 lines

CHA CHA SLIDE – Great crowd motivator and easy to teach line dance

DO THE NUMBERS – corporate team building activity usually a battle of the sexes

STOMP – 50 kids, 50 squares of bubble wrap, make sure you have a video camera running for this one

BUBBLE GUM RACE – teams of kids relay race to see who can blow up bubbles and spit in a bucket before the others

STROKIN’ – Electric Slide, down and dirty version

BABY BEER CHUGGING – anyone can chug a beer (or Rootbeer for kids), but through a baby bottle?

ADULT INDOOR GOLF – for adults only who know each other VERY WELL! The women are the golfers, the men the holes. Very Funny!

CD PASS – teams of contestants pass a CD with coffee stirrers, in their mouths, from one to the other

ROLLER BALL – can you keep the balls spinning in a track loop the longest?

STUFF IT see how many balloons your team can stuff in a pair of “long johns”. Also called “Fatten Santa” for holiday parties.

GUMBALL RACE – teams are wrapped around their bodies with clear tubing with a gumball to be inserted and passed through to the end. No blowing allowed!

PAPER AIRPLANE CONTEST – Kids have 5 minutes or 2 songs to make an airplane out of card stock with their name printed on the plane. Line up the kids and let ‘em fly. The furthest flown plane wins. Optional accuracy contest: through a hula-hoop

SURVIVOR DANCE – everyone gets in the middle and starts dancing. If they are caught stopping, they are out. If there is a group left we go into a limbo contest to get a boy and girl winner.The tricky part is we use snippets of various dances (Macarena,Ride the Train, Electric slide, Twist,Chicken Dance,etc)

CELEBRATION – CLASSIC Kool & the Gang hit with dance moves

MITZVAH OR BIRTHDAY TRIVIA – Various questions are asked throughout the course of the party of the Guest of Honor

BASKET CASE – teams toss beanbag balls to another teammate with a basket strapped to their head. Most in wins! An outdoor twist to this could be to use water balloons instead

CHAIN LETTER – groups of equal amount of players are given a set of letters in the alphabet. A theme is called out such as “Things found in a baseball game.” 1 point is given form each word created, 5 points for the most creative.

BALLOON RELAY – teams line up with each member receiving a deflated balloon. The relay starts with the first in line blowing up the balloon, racing to the other end where they place the balloon in an empty chair, sit on it till it breaks and then race back.
Adult version has women teams race to a chair with a male teammate in the chair.

CLOTHESPIN FACE – individuals clip clothespins to their face and head during a- looted time or tune

TP OVER/UNDER – teams pass toilet paper, unraveling it as you go over their head then the next person under their legs and so on until the entire roll runs out. If the toilet paper breaks, the person must tie it back together in order to continue

SUCK & BLOW – teen game where teams have to pass an index card down the line as fast as they can use only their mouths. You need to suck in wind to keep the card on your lips (by blowing out) to the next person in line. What makes it fun is if the lines are composed of boy/girl,boy/girl

PIE IN THE FACE – first person to see what is written at the bottom of a pie pan filled with whipped cream by eating their way to the bottom and spitting out the answer is the winner

CAKE FACE – contestants must lay on the floor, face down, and hands behind their back and arching their back. A cake is placed in front of their face. The last person without cake on their face is the winner

TISSUE PULL – each contestant is given a new box of unscented tissues taped to a table. Without using their hands and only with their mouths they must pull out all the tissues and stack them to the side

walla ballaTHE DICE DANCE – The roll of the dice determines whether you stay on the dance floor. Another version of a “Survivor Dance.”

WALLA BALLA – a “strap on” basketball game with a lot of hip action!




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